Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

I don't think I have mentioned RAB enough peeps!!  I can't tell you how much you should read Paul's blog if this whole cycling malarky inspires you.  My husband realised at the age of 30 that he was born to ride a bicycle and now he seems to be realising his dreams.  Its an epic, amazing journey that he is on - and in three days he'll be home and I can't wait to see him and tell him face to face just how proud I am of him.
Here is day 5 on the map we marked up yesterday, even Brenna noted that Daddy had travelled a long way on his bike - high praise indeed!
And day 6 - today Paul hit Scotland!

A friend sent me this poster because my email tag line reads 'The challenge is to be yourself, in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. Eleanor Roosevelt. Love it!

So whilst we're having a chat about thoughts on Thursday, I should mention that I am back from my consultant appointment this evening and I'm going to have some gyne day surgery to try and figure out all the stuff I talked about here.

Ahem. Now then, lets end on a high, with some inspiration courtesy of :-


  1. Paul's journey is incredible!

    Loved all the motivational quotes - I can never get tired of reading things like that. They always help!